engros Handcrafted Wedding Three Strands Necklace Swarovski Pearls Tri-Colors 6p5mQpLV

  • Model: 6p5mQpLV
  • 1964 Antal på lager


Product Description:

Pearls Custom Wedding Jewelry Swarovski Pearls 3 stranded Necklace Sets which is warm luster of Swarovski Pearls in Tri Colors three parallel strands with a wide latch clasp give this Necklace a truly elegant look this is beautifully handcrafted in 3 stands with a rare combination of tri colors Swarovski Pearls.<br><br><b>Material Used :</b> Swarovski Swarovski Pearls its 6mm Cream Pearls & 7mm Bronze & 7mm Brown Pearls these high quality of Swarovski Pearls<br><b>Necklace Length :</b> 13 inches the inner string 15 middle string & 17 inches the outer string & have latch clasp to open & close<br><b>Earrings :</b> Pearls Stud Earrings & can make bronze & brown Pearls stud also <br><br><b>Free Customization Service :</b> We can make matching bracelet and/or customize the Jewelry per your style color choices<br><br><b>Guarantee :</b> 100% satisfaction for material & workmanship used in making this jewelry